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Extensive expereince using a wide variety of cinema cameras and I am a current Arri Amira owner and operator.

I can provide a solo operator service with or without equipment, or be part of a larger crew for more complex productions. 


I have filmed in some of the toughest enviroments on earth and have a vast knowledge  about how to opearate in countries around the world.


More than 20 years of editing experience and current FCPX user.

I use state of the art cameras, lenses, audio and lighting equipment to ensure your product is captured in the highest possible quality.

Equipment Rental

I have a wide range of equipment for rent in Japan. This includes, cameras, lenses, lighting, gimbals, dollies , audio, monitors, and tripods to suit most budgets. 

The equipment is centrally located in Tokyo and a full list of what is available and rates can be found on the equipment rental page.

Specialty items or other equipment needed can also be sourced . 

All the equipmet listed is owned  by me. The Arri Amira and Angenieux lenses are fully insured. 

Co-Ordination and Production


I am  partners with Aya Asakura from News Ink.  Based out of Tokyo, News Ink. produce, plan, and coordinate shoots for breaking news stories, news features as well as documentaries in Japan.  Their clients include Aljazeera English, BBC, CNN, AP, CCTV, National Geographic Channel and History Channel among many others.


News Ink. team, headed by Aya Asakura, is the Japanese counterpart for all broadcasters and storytellers around the world.

Interested in hiring me? Let's Talk.​

"Matthew is a highly respected member of our Australian Cinematographers Society, who has won many awards for his outstanding internationally acclaimed work, as well has having achieved accreditation in our society, allowing him to use the letters ACS as a suffix. The ACS has accredited less than 400 members in over 50 years. "

David Wakeley- ACS


​"Matthew Allard is one of the greatest shooters of our generation.  In my twenty plus years as a journalist, I have never come across a cinematographer with such precision and passion – his framing, composition, and lighting stirs the soul.  And the amazing part is, he’s only getting better."

STEVE CHAO | Senior Presenter | 101 EAST

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